About this blog


What is special enough for yet another outdoor blog to come up with competitively?

Introducing low budget options, hosting beginner’s tutorials created by enthusiasts, and reviewing gear, places, events and activities, this blog addresses true needs.


My (artist’s) name is Chris Lex, and I love the outdoors.

Registered as a British citizen, I was born in mainland Europe and am still based there. I am proud of being human rather than of any human characteristics, such as nationality, education, race and the like. Though, regarding human activity on Earth you might want to argue that no other species on this planet is leaving piles of garbage to its progeny. Not to mention all the species already extinct as a result of human messing. That said, terrestrial ecology is one of the supreme hidden topics of this blog. Yet, this blog is strictly unpolitical. Caring for Earth is a question of spirituality.

Not quite pro or expert, I’m certainly an outdoor enthusiast. Besides, I like being creative, I like writing and photography, so this blog is what you get.

I would love to see authors join this endeavour (if you feel like sharing outdoor adventures here, please contact me via email).